Our Team

Wahaj Ahmed

Wahaj Ahmed

Wahaj Ahmed is a designated CPA,CGA with an extensive background in Accounting, Tax and Financial Planning & Analysis. Wahaj has over 15 years of experience in controlling all aspects of corporate accounting and financial reporting functions of various Fortune 500 Organizations and Top 10 global accounting firms. Wahaj enjoys helping his Clients reach new levels of success through proper guidance and planning. Wahaj is the founder of Scan and also serves as the Principal Partner in all its Subsidiaries.
Farhana Farid

Farhana Farid Operations Manager

Farhana joined Scan with a strong background in credit & financial services. She’s a graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, specializing in business administration. She has a diverse background and worked in various industries. She brings in a wealth of knowledge and expertise in marketing and research.

Farhana serves as the Operations Manager at Scan with her exemplary customer services skills, making her the face of the company while running smooth operations of the business


Heidi Lo Staff Accountant

Hyder Ali Manager, Bookkeeping Services


Hannah Sioco Marketing Intern